My name is Nate and I’m trying to fix the American healthcare system.

Throughout my UX career, I’ve been a non-profit founder of a design education group, marketing non-profit chairman, event speaker, hackathon winner, certified scrum master, and team lead. Most importantly, I’ve been a life-long learner.

Like many of us, I have a story of someone who was forced to prioritize finances over health and are no longer with us as a consequence. My mission is to prioritize health over cost by making affordable healthcare accessible to everyone.


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My Design Principles

Good principles have sacrifices. They prioritize certain benefits over others, build constraints into one’s workflow, and act as a guide toward performance and efficiency. Below are four principles that guide my product design and team leadership.

80% is good enough

Reaching 80% of a goal is usually good enough. The time it would take to get to 100% satisfaction is usually better spent making progress elsewhere.

Outcomes Over Output

Customer behavior is the most important metric for determining business success. Solving problems begins by prioritizing outcomes, not features.

Infinite Mindset

Adopting a purpose-driven approach and playing for the long term is a more effective method of product development than short-term approaches like ‘beating the competition’.

The Internet IS Accessibility

I believe access to online information is a human right. Access should be equal to everyone no matter their social status, geography, financial hardships, or disabilities.

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