I envisioned this card for a creative or artistic position. This business card has a white border around the outside which can be a little risky. Because the white border is even on all sides this means that the printer has to cut the cards perfectly. If it’s off center, even slightly, the borders make it extremely noticeable and ruin the card. If you’re working with a printer you’ve used before and are confident they’ll be cut fine than leave them as they are. If you’re at all worried about it you may want to consider enlarging the background to cover the entire canvas. It’s a smart object of a higher resolution image so you wont lose any quality.

You can also check out this tutorial on how you can achieve the triangular pixated background with any image.

Dimensions: 3.5″x2″
Resolution: 300dpi
Bleed: 0.1″

PSD Download:

PSD: Business Card Template #5

Font: Bebas Neue