No matter how many times a new team member is onboarded, it seems to always feel like improvements can be made or the goal posts have shifted. While the template below is specific to UX design, the larger points can be utilized across industries.

At a high level, this is a list of items that should be reviewed during the onboarding process. This flow is recommended as it presents the largest points first and slowly moves inward to an individual’s specific role. This flow enables a new employee to understand how their role fits within the larger organization.

  • Who we are. Mission, vision, company, local department, and any more specific groups like Design Guild.
  • Team. Organizational charts, direct coworkers, stakeholders, and partners they’ll be working closely with.
  • Company tools. How to record time, where to learn more, how to use the intranet, where to find the things you need to find.
  • Design tools. What tools do you use, design systems, design principles, pattern libraries, and design philosophies and structures like Atomic Design.
  • Design implementation. What’s the team process look like, how to sign-offs occur, when do design studios or ops occur, what is expected of a UX designer in the context of the team.
  • Project specific. What’s the project you’re attempting to build, what are the problems being solved, and where are you within the process.

Every team is different and every company has a different flow. At a high level, this should provide an outline for one to use and augment.