I ended up watching The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty one night and had fully intended on it being background noise while I worked on a project. At least, that was the goal. I soon realized that everything about that movie was so incredibly well done! The cinematography was great, the dialog was clever, and the story was adventurous. I was captivated and ended up getting little work done.

With that said there were several screens that had some interesting incorporation of typography. The typeface itself wasn’t extremely unique but how they were placed throughout the screens were really quite beautiful.

Twentieth century fox presents written on wall

Red Hour Films Production written on the side of a walkway

New Line Cinema written on the street

The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty written on subway signs

Kodak 400TX written in a fountain

To See The World written on the floor of an airport

Things Dangerous To Come To written on a kiosk in an airport

To See Behind Walls written on the wall in the airport

Life written on the airport runway

Txt From Hernando: BEARD GUY FIRING ME IF HE DOESN'T C U ASAP!! 911! written on the side of a mountain

I've rented two strong little men written on screen

I am given a Mountain Blessing written on screen

Conditions testing body and soul... written on screen

My mind drifts like the snow written on screen

I am alone written on screen